Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dog Days of Summer Favorite Item Contest

My Very Favorite Handmade Item (that can be used or worn):

As you may notice this item isn't knitted but it is my very favorite. It is my wedding quilt.
My mom Ally B (check out her blog at spent many hours of love putting together this King size quilt for my husband and I for our wedding. She is so talented, not just at knitting, and though she has made me many wonderful quilts this one is very special because it was given to us for a special occasion. I have several other views so that you may appreciate its visual beauty. It is also very warm and I love that it covers me every night while I sleep.
My most very favorite handmade item :)

Something on another swappers blog that I would like to make:
I am in love with this tote!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check it out here or at her blog at

This was posted on her blog. I am so in love with it and she said that she was in the process of making a pattern for it. I was confused, how could she make something so awesome withut a pattern? Then it came to me, she must be supremely talented. Obviously she knows far more about knitting than I do because I definitely need a pattern, and hopefully she will make one so that someday I can make this bag as well.

Well I am wrapping this up. I am enjoying this swap (my first swap) in case you didn't already know that. I hope to send my spoilee her package by the end of the week :)

Happy Knitting Ya'll!!!!!


AllyB said...

Love you, Rena! I shed a few tears reading this. It was worth every second that I invested in that quilt because I knew you would appreciate it. You're the very best daughter anyone could ever ask for. I'm thankful every day for your friendship now that we're grown.

Holly said...

I love the quilt and I also thought about that bag as my post as well, but I picked a cool one on Mary's blog. This is fun, this is my first as well. Many of these girls are far more experienced than I am. I wish I didn't wait so long to begin knitting and crocheting.

Grace Yaskovic said...

Beautiful quilt, and lucky girl!!!